Best Dog Toys This Christmas

Rover recommends the five best dog toys this Christmas. He's sniffed out his favourite dog puzzle, squeaky dog toy, interactive dog toy, dog tug toy and best dog ball. Perfect presents for your dog this Christmas!

Dog Puzzle

Make mealtimes fun and support dog rescue by purchasing this Buster Dog Maze from the Border Collie Trust GB. Just sprinkle dog biscuits over the puzzle and your dog will get an enjoyable mental workout with a built-in reward. As the maze dispenses biscuits slowly it is also helpful in preventing dogs from bolting their food. The maze is about 3 times the size of a normal dog bowl and is shaped to prevent it from toppling over. It comes in 3 cool colours and costs £17.99

Squeaky Dog Toy

All dogs love a squeaky toy on Christmas Day. We will wrap one up for Holly dog and she will rip out the squeaker in a matter of minutes so it's not worth spending a fortune. This cute penguin is only £3.99 so if he doesn't last until you've finished the washing up it won't annoy you too much...

Interactive Dog Toy

It's really funny to watch your dog play with a Babble ball that makes surprising sounds every time they move it. Dogs have been known to roll them down the stairs repeatedly for maximum impact so you may want to hide it when it's time for your Christmas Day nap! This Christmas version plays 10 different sounds and jingles and is guaranteed to enchant your dog and drive the rest of the family to distraction. It's available for £5.99 from Pets Pantry.

Dog Tug Toy

This sturdy reindeer toy will provide hours of fun for dogs that like to play tug. At only £4.99 it won't break your Christmas budget.

Best Dog Ball

Extend playtime on winter evenings with this glow in the dark dog ball. Simply charge up before use by placing it next to a bright light. There's no need for batteries and the balls are made of solid very durable plastic that is easy to clean. The glow in the dark dog ball is available in 3 sizes and costs from £3.99 to £6.99

Louise Dolan
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