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Rover's Agility
Rover's Agility is a fun game played against the clock. Race Rover along a slalom course whilst leaping over jumps, running through tunnels and collecting bones. Beat the course time and collect all the bones to get to the next level. Be careful though, you can only get to the next level if Rover completes his run with no faults!
Rover's Agility will work on all modern browsers. For the best play experience however we currently recommend Google Chrome and Opera.
Play Guide:
The objective of the game is to guide Rover along a slalom course consisting of jumps, tunnels and bones. Rover must leap over every jump, run through every tunnel and collect all the bones before reaching the end of the course in a time less than the 'Course Time'. Faults will be incurred if Rover knocks over or misses a jump or misses a tunnel.
Rover can be controlled via the speed, direction and jump buttons or via the keyboard as follows:
Turn Left Turn Right Faster Slower Jump
Keyboard:  'C': Turn Left   'V': Turn Right   'B': Faster   'N': Slower   'M': Jump
Rover can jump over the red and blue centre pole but he can't jump over the side wings. Knocking down the centre pole is one fault, knocking over a wing is two. Be sure to get close enough to the pole before pressing the 'Jump' button!
Rover must pass through every tunnel on the slalom course. Be sure to guide him to the centre of the tunnel or he might just refuse to go in!
Rover needs to collect every bone in order to successfully complete the course.